Passive Attack are cultivating their own idea of progressive, beat-prone rock in the musically fertile (under-) ground of Vienna.

We are members of EDELBRAND RECORDS !

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Forms of Becoming.


1. Red Queen

2. Egolution

3. Of Sound Mind (fragment)

4. Off Sound Mind

5. Error-Prone

6. Edaphon

7. Apnea


(c) 2012 Passive Attack. All rights reserved. Recorded at concrete-studio, mastered by Stefan Seelenwald


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Edaphon Official Video 2013 © Passive Attack



Egolution Official Video 2012 – WATCH IN HD – No animals were harmed
© Passive Attack


Landscapes on grey – shortmovie by Marc Schlegel. Vienna Independent Shorts – Night of the Light 2012. Music: Apnea – Forms of Becoming (c) 2012 Passive Attack.