Passive Attack are cultivating their own idea of progressive, beat-prone rock in the musically fertile (under-) ground of Vienna.

We are members of EDELBRAND RECORDS !

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September 20, 2017 by passive attack

We say Goodbye and Thank You to all our supporters! We are very greatful for all your help during our active years and all the beautiful moments we were able to experience together.

With Love pa.


This is a not quite finished cut of our musicvideo for Edaphon but we want to share it with you anyway.


Musik Written and Performed by Passive Attack

Script & Direction: Michaela Hochrathner

Camera: Antal Brugger

Camera Assistant: Julia Plibrsek

Actor: Simon Schwarzmann

Driver & Setrunner: Thomas Marchart

Setrunner: David Schwarzmann

Helping Hand Story Telling: Maria Sendlhofer

Diver: Mathias Marchart

Special Thanks to: Rummel Hummel


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