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Surprised?! So were we!

May 22, 2011 by passive attack

In May 2011 we were supposed to play a support-gig for the Norwegian stoner/punk-rock band „Sønderknust“ at Ernst-Kirchweger-Haus VIENNA. We felt very excited to perform at this famous and quite familiar location.


But when we arrived there for stage setup we heard that „Sønderknust“ would cancel and the house would be quite empty that night because of a big party at the squatted wagonplace next to Wiener Prater. EKH´s stagemanager Maggie asked us if we were interested in playing there. So we started packing our stuff looking forward to at least have a good party.




In the end we got on stage at around 2 am and had lots of encounters with many nice people, some old friends, a bottle of delicious honey liquor (thanks to Magnar from „Sønderknust“) and an open-minded audience.


Thanks and Greetings to EKH, the wagonplace community, „Sønderknust“ and „Curva Apparata“. We had a great time!

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